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    Hi! My name is Candice and I'm here to help

    I'm a digital marketing agency owner and among my work I also mentor a very small group of aspiring agency owners or social media managers. Our agency was highlighted as Business of The Year via the Better Business Bureau as the 2021 Torch Award Recipient. We focus on search engine optimization planning and strategy, web development, sales, general marketing, and social media management in our trainings. One of the major hurdles for my students is finding their first client. My coaching program is positioned to help take the stress out of their learning by pairing them with a qualified client. When pairing with my mentees, you will receive: 

    Well-trained professionals in the areas of digital marketing, social selling, graphics, design, and social media management. 
    Your pro will have every template imaginable, so you don't have to keep over buying information and “things”
    A close-knit relationship (with boundaries) where you work with a real human you can trust. 

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