Start a Social Media Business and earn an extra $1,000 per month or more, helping Small Business owners post Their Content Online or Manage their online Communities!

You can start your new social media business In less than 48 hours without knowing or ever learning ads management! 

Does this sound like you?

You've written down and have been brainstorming on ways to make extra income, but you haven't stuck to anything.
You've tried something like this before, but were unsuccessful or just loss the drive to continue. 
You believe you can do it, you just require a little hand holding until you get the hang of the online world. 
You spend hours on social media anyway, you just aren't monetizing it, nor do you have the best clue on where to get started with it. 
You're already a creative, but adding on social media services, wouldn't be a bad idea if you were given all the shortcuts to get started as quickly as possible. 

The biggest myth is that you need to know how to run ads in order to start a social media business. So not true!

Social media can be used to grow any business in far more ways that just running ads. Some businesses already have established authority and need much more help other than ads management. & the reality? It's the easiest services to get started with! This class will reveal all of your social media manager types & how to choose what's best for you. 

I had earned $40k in one summer from Social Media Services. My first month selling social media I made $2k and by the 3rd month I had earned $17k. (Just on Social Media support!). Recurring. Let me show you your options. 

I was crushing goals in my ad agency before I decided to get serious about taking on social media clients. This screen capture is from two Summers ago, when I first started offering social media to my clients. 

That was one heck of a summer. Fast-forward two years, In combination with our other digital marketing services, we are NOW strategizing to hit our first 6 figure month! (On real services, not hype!)

Introducing 48 Hour Social Academy

Get paid to post content online for local & virtual businesses 

Everything you need to start your social media business (or add it to your existing business as an additional service offer) wrapped into one BIG deliverable. 

Get fully set up and ready to go in 48 hours! 
Plug and play templates + blueprints to get started.
Easily Digestible Training Videos, Printable Workbook & Checklists to ensure everything is ready to go
Communication channel available for future questions
Most of the tools you need to get started from basic legal set up to client facing dashboard, sales tools, and client management system. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPERIENCED TO START THIS. 

This is for you if.....

You are looking for an additional or new stream of income & you are willing to make the time.

As long as you want to make more money, and you are willing to put in the time to implement the plan I give you, join this class! 

You are already decently tech savvy

We cannot teach you basic use of technology, but If you are decent at using social media for yourself, we can teach you the rest! 

BONUS if you are a writer or  by nature. 

If you love writing, you write blogs, or If you are just a decent writer, I'm going to give you some additional ideas to take your business on a fast track to $5k+/month. Others can do this too! Many are doing way more. When I got serious in my business back in 2018, I made over $30k in one month three different times. All it took was a plan, and execution. I've never looked back. 

Learn how to start your social media business in a digitally focused world! In just 48 hours, you can be up and running! I made $40k+ in one summer just helping small businesses post content online.

Our class will show you, from start to finish, how to properly set up a legitimate social media business from scratch. Join our community of social media creatives and start a passive income stream that you can run from anywhere in the world, on your laptop + I'm hooking you up with all the shortcuts, templates, and frameworks. 

What You Will Learn & Why you should sign up right now!

Learn how to leverage your social media time & get paid for it - If you are always on social media and posting content, you might as well get paid to do it.
Learn the simple systems you need to set up your new venture - This business isn't hard! I'll show you the simple systems you need to set up, so you can start your new venture right after our session! 
Learn the best clients to go after - I've been in marketing since 2011, I know the best types of clients to go after in this industry who can truly use your help. I'll reveal it on the masterclass.
Learn how to plan your income goals & reach them—With social media management you can make $500-$20k or MORE per MONTH. Yes, PER MONTH! I can help you work these goals backwards through reverse engineering your dream profitable month.*
Learn the legal backing to get all set up! - I'll give you the easy 3-step system to getting set up legally, so you can do business with ease from DAY 1.*

What you will GET when you sign up right now! You can use all of these documents, workbooks, and templates to manage ALL of your own clients! 

Editorial Calendar Template to use for all of your clients
Content Repurposing Template to use for each of your client projects
Evergreen Machine for Social Media
Content Pillars & Publication Template 
Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, & LinkedIn Marketing Checklist
Business Brand Template & Overview
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Report Worksheet, How to track metrics + Analytics
Promo Planner
Social Media Engagement Strategy + Publication Schedule
...and so much more! 


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps! 

The new OptimizePress Builder combines simplicity of a visual editing interface, with the power of supercharged marketing integrations to power your campaigns


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Attendee Feedback! 

Candice Michelle

Class Facilitator

Hi I'm Candice! I'm your facilitator for this event. I've been in the digital marketing space since 2011! I've worked with clients ALL over the world helping them achieve success within their business through social media, and other digital marketing services. Furthermore, I'm going to tell you in 2 hours exactly what you need to do to start a Social Media business online. All excuses off the table. During the summer of 2020, I was going through a divorce and was just adjusting to the single mom life with three children at home. And, I was also diagnosed with Cancer, in August 2020- On top of the pandemic. All of this was at the height of it all. So if I could do it, you can too! Join us yeah?

100% Satisfaction.
Over delivery guaranteed. 

We guarantee an over delivery in this offer. 

Woohoo! You made it all the way to the bottom of this page!

Take the plunge, and go for it! You WILL NOT regret! 

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