8 Simple Steps To Get More Exposure From Google WITHOUT Paying For It

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How to use free tools to get exposure for your business

Google is giving every business in the world a FREE FULL PAGE COLOR AD. And, it is every bit as effective as those old YP ads. You see, in June 2014 Google quietly launched “Google My Business.” You’ve probably heard of it, or at least know what it does: It’s one of the largest undertakings since the Yellow Pages to collect, categorize and distribute business listings.

What we'll cover:

Step-By-Step Trainings: Break Down The Most Important F-R-E-E Real Estate That Google Gives Businesses
Get properly Optimized: How to Make Sure Your Business Is Verified Inside The Google Listing Platform
Profile Optimization: How Small Changes In Your Google Profile Can Dramatically Increase Your Visibility
A bonus downloadable guide: To Walk You Through The Most Important Aspects Of This Platform

The BIGGEST mistake I see local businesses making is… Assuming that they are fully maximizing their Google listing. Chances are, if you’ve not logged into your listing within the last 60 days, you’re already behind the curve. I’m bringing this to your attention not to create worry that a competitor might be better optimized than you… But to create the awareness that there’s opportunity for you to capture this as well. So, here’s what you need to do:

Our company has helped hundreds of local businesses take control of their and maximize their benefit from a Google listing.

And, now, I’m sharing that with you, for FREE.

Host: Candice Cohen, Owner of Cohen Brand Management Marketing Agency | Candice Cohen Coaching

Because Google Gives Away This Exposure—We're Giving Away This Inside Scoop Training Free, Too!

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